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Talking about the types and trends mold processing technolog
发布时间:2014/5/20 19:23:43

In the mold, it is very important aspect is its process, generally there are several processes that specifically, what does? Today to introduce a little bit, so that everyone on the Wuxi mold processing technology types are basic knowledge and understanding.

(1) stamping process
Stamping process can be divided into forming process and the separation of these two processes, the former including bending, stretching, flanging, the latter including cutting, blanking, punching and so on. The device is commonly used in the stamping process presses, it has mechanical and hydraulic presses, press two; while the material is based on the main strip of sheet metal and non-metallic material is rubber wood, rubber and plastic panels.
(2) shaped plastic molding process
Shaped plastic molding process can be divided into injection molding, casting, extrusion molding, blow molding, vacuum forming, and generally go through the melt flow and cure of these three stages. The device is commonly used injection molding machines, hydraulic machines and other plastic products, mold steel is the main material, as well as steel bonded carbide, etc., can also be used.
(3) Die Casting Process
Factors casting process, will affect the results of the pressure die-casting, filling speed, temperature, time, and fill characteristics. The main device is a die-casting machine, a cold chamber die casting machines and hot chamber die casting machine either. Materials it uses, mainly some die-cast alloy, such as die-cast zinc alloy, die-cast aluminum, etc., when using some to pay attention.
Well, what is the development trend of mold?
A: Trends mold are: large-scale, sophisticated, high dynamic accuracy of, and to raise the difficulty of processing equipment have high thermal stability and reliability.


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