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You understand mold design criteria in some systems it?
发布时间:2014/5/20 19:21:16

In the mold, there are some processes need to be designed in advance, it is such gating system, exhaust system and cooling system, only the design is correct and reasonable, and to make them work, play its due role, how to design crucial, here to talk about this aspect, so that everyone can understand.

1.A design of gating system
The design of the gating system, which includes the selection of the main channel, the cross-sectional shape and size of the shunt to determine the selected position of the gate, the gate cross-sectional form and size is determined, in addition to gate off device design and so on. In these respects, the most important is the choice of gate location, as it relates to the quality and the injection molding process, is the need to follow some general principles, into which specific, here is not specifically described.

2.Design of exhaust system
It is also related to the quality of the molding die, so also need to pay attention in the design of some of the issues. For example, we can use the exhaust ducts, the depth can be determined depending on the circumstances, can also be used with the gap or dedicated to the exhaust vent plugs. Furthermore, in order to avoid the vacuum suction phenomenon, the vacuum suction device can use anti.

3.Design of cooling systems
When the cooling system design, it is necessary to take into account the cooling effect, but also take into account the uniformity of cooling. In addition to these two, there is a cooling system affect the overall structure of the mold.
The design and selection of the cooling element, is also very important, and therefore this aspect can not be ignored.


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