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Analysis of the basic principles of the preparation process
发布时间:2014/5/20 19:19:54

Die preparation process, in this process, what principles we should follow it? Here we have to answer this question, detailed answers to the smooth preparation, avoid mistakes and unnecessary trouble, it will look at the details below it.
The basic principle of mold preparation process are: faster, better and provinces, following on to explain these three specific areas.
Fast: it is simply more prepared in the shortest possible time in and time-consuming to be the shortest, the note points are:
(1) on all aspects of the machine to be very familiar with, to determine the best process, improve processing speed.
(2) determine a good reasonable minimum allowance.
(3) to be able to glance, without any omissions.
(4) To design a good fixtures, gauges and other ancillary tools, and prepare accordingly in advance.
Good: refers to the process of the file to be the most reasonable, to achieve the best results, but also to avoid problems, and its attention to points are:
(1) heat treatment process should be reasonable layout, finishing and roughing should be strictly separated.
(2) to use some pretreatment measures to prevent the workpiece deformation phenomena.
(3) an appropriate benchmark outflow of some processing, if necessary, can use some specific terminology to express clearly to avoid misleading.
Province: saving is simply more human, material and financial resources in order to improve production efficiency, the note points are:
(1) should be taken to focus on the principle of machining processes, thereby leading to savings and improve productivity.
(2) avoiding the waste of the machine, to ensure accuracy, thereby saving costs.


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